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December 9, 2011

Chef Brad's Newsletter

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"Life, it's all about food" ~ Chef Brad
Volume 7, Issue 12
Friday, December 9, 2011

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Message from Chef Brad

Dear Friend,

December is here already and I love the holiday season. I hope you have had a chance to see the holiday shows on BYU TV. The Thanksgiving one was filled with recipes for the Thanksgiving Feast, the next Holiday show will feature recipes for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. They were both fun to film. It was really fun to share my traditions with so many.

Chef Brad with his turkeyI have to report that Thanksgiving in my home was wonderful. I actually had two celebrations: one on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and, of course, one on Thanksgiving Day. The Sunday before was really amazing, we had around 70 or more persons (there could have been 90). I cooked 2 large 20 plus pound Turkeys, brined, a large ham and 25 lbs. of smoked moose meat along with all the recipes from the show and much more. It was really great fun. I love having a crowd for dinner, the more the merrier. It really was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every moment and really loved the opportunity to strengthen relationships with friends, family, and neighbors. Thanksgiving Day was a quiet event for me, just my family and my daughter’s husband’s family. It was also wonderful. I especially loved the pies they brought. I think they were the prettiest pies I have ever had at my table and they tasted just as good.

I have been thinking about the holidays and what they really mean to me. Over the last few months I have pondered and pondered about the true meaning of Christmas and what the holiday season really is about. I have come up with one thought that keeps coming back to me. It has to do with the needs of others. I have thought a lot about how society is so geared to the one. Every sitcom on the television promotes selfishness and total lack of concern for others. We were talking about this recently and decided that TV has contributed to how selfish we have become. I am amazed at the little things that people do to show total lack of regard for others. It seems we are so concerned about our own personal needs that we fail to see what is going on around us. We have tunnel vision. I have discovered as I have looked beyond my needs that there are so many around me that have far greater needs than I have. I have also found out that it’s the little things that make the largest difference in the lives of those around me. I have discovered how powerful a smile can be or how powerful a hug or a kind hello can be. I have also noticed that if I just walk around with a smile on my face that it makes a huge difference to those around me. One of the best things I have discovered is how amazing food can lift the hearts of others. Food is amazing and it has an amazing power to lift hearts, makes friends, disarm discouragement, and just plain create miracles in the lives of those around us.

To make it simple, I have discovered that there are so many around us that are struggling with life, in fact almost everyone is struggling with life and almost everyone stands in need of kind words, smiles, and foods prepared with love. I hope this holiday season we all can look beyond our tunnel vision and look with a new light to those around us, even the ones that look like all is well and ones we know that are not well. May we lighten their burdens with our kind words, smiles and don’t forget the power of food.

Merry Christmas and thank you for your kindness to me and your continued support.

Chef Brad

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Holiday Specials!
Bosch Universal Plus

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Wonder Mill Grain Mill

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Together these fabulous gifts equal a $50 retail value.  And they are absolutely free with each Wonder Mill electric 110 volt you purchase from now thru Dec 24th 2011.

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Read the article about the new WonderFlour™ below. 

Chef Brad's Comfort Foods Cookbook - 1st Edition


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Fusion Grain Cooking Show Season 2 - December Airtimes

Tune into BYUtv on the following dates and times to see Chef Brad's Fusion Grain Cooking Show

Tues 12/13 8:30am 9:00am 9:30am
Wed 12/14
Holiday Special
Holiday Special
Tues 12/20 8:30am
Holiday Special
Wed 12/21 6:30pm 9:30pm  
Thurs 12/22 3:30pm    
Mon 12/26
Tues 12/27 8:30am 9:00am  
Wed 12/28 6:30p 9:30p  

All times are Mountain Time

What channel is BYUtv?
Directv: 374
Dish Network: 9403
Cable: Click here to find your cable provider
Live Internet Stream: Click here to watch BYUtv Live Stream on the Internet


The first whole grain all purpose flour that actually works.

I have been working on WonderFlour™ for 3 years now, perfecting the process. Just this last year, I joined forces with a group of farmers in Utah to create my own signature flours and grains.  WonderFlour™ is the first of many that we will be packaging and selling.  I love WonderFlour™ and, for those of you who have tried it at home, you are in for a treat with the new packaged WonderFlour™, it is amazing. I have to tell you, I was a little nervous about how the mill ground WonderFlour™ would compare to the home ground but, I have to say that it totally exceeded my expectations. It is truly amazing in every way. One of the biggest changes is that the packaged WonderFlour™ works cup for cup in recipes for white flour. When you grind it at home, there is an adjustment required to make it work. It still works great, but the packaged one is amazing and so easy to use. 

What is WonderFlour™?  It is a whole grain, wheat free blend of three grains, spelt, barley, and brown rice; that takes the place of white flour in almost all of your baking and cooking. When I say almost all, the only thing I do not use it in is yeasted breads. WonderFlour does not have sufficient gluten to make yeasted breads, but in everything else, from cookies to gravies, I use WonderFlour. It really is my all purpose flour that I use for everything and it really does work. 

Just a few helpful hints about WonderFlour™

  • How long does it store? If you are worried about that, just keep it in the refrigerator or freezer.  But I would not be too concerned, even if it takes you some time to use it, it is still far better than white flour.
  • Are there recipes for WonderFlour™? Yes, there are many recipes on my website for WonderFlour™ and a new WonderFlour™ Cookbook will be out soon. But really, you can substitute WonderFlour™ for the white flour in any recipe that you have and enjoy the results.
  • It is gluten Free? No it is not gluten free, only wheat free. Most gluten free people can use it. Celiac persons should not use it, but I have found over the past three years that most gluten free people can handle the gluten in WonderFlour™. But don’t despair; Gluten Free WonderFlour™ is right around the corner. 

Linda H. says this about Chef Brad’s WonderFlour™:  “I love it! I made cornbread using the WonderFlour and the texture was so silky! Thank you!”

Where do you buy WonderFlour?  We hope everywhere one day, but right now only a few stores carry it and as new ones come on board we will post it on line at  Here are the current places where WonderFlour is sold. 

Chef Brad’s website for online ordering

West Mountain Farms
Spanish Fork, Utah
Call 801-794-9495 For Wholesale Accounts
If your business wants to carry Chef Brad Products Call this number
and ask for Hayley. 

Preparing Wisely
144 South Mesa Drive Suite G
Mesa, AZ 85210

East Valley Naturopathic Doctor
(480) 985-0000
5416 E Southern Ave, Ste 110,
Mesa, AZ 85206

Beehive Health Essentials
846 Expressway Lane
(located next to Kmart on US-6)
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Maylett’s Bosch Center
01 North Main
Manti, Utah  84642

Sandy Bosch Kitchen Center
8940 S 700 E
Sandy, UT 84070

Bosch Kitchen Center Orem
176 West Center Street
Orem Utah  84057

The Perfect Gift

Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are the perfect gift. The new pressure cookers save time and money. They are fast, efficient, and make just about everything taste great. Did I mention that they are safer than ever before? I love the new electric pressure cooker and cannot imagine life without it. In fact, I have 2 electric pressure cookers and about 8 stove top pressure cookers. I use them all frequently! It is so wonderful to just fill up the electric pressure cooker, turn it on, walk away, and come back later with dinner ready and waiting. I have to mention that it will keep the food perfectly warm until you are ready to eat.

Sometimes, I pop dinner in the morning or afternoon when I have a window of time, and then go on with my day. Knowing when we are ready, we will have a perfectly hot meal just waiting for to be enjoyed.

I love pressure cookers and if you have not found the pressure cooker meals in minutes on my web site, I encourage you do look for them and enjoy the complete meal done in just minutes.
Fagor is my personal favorite for electric and L’Equip is my favorite stove top. Just one more thought, if you have an induction cook top, the L’Equip is amazing. My Thermador induction cook top has a timer on each burner and so I can set the pressure and set the timer and not have to worry about turning it off. Amazing! I find that on my cook top I am using my stove top pressure cookers more and more.

Shop Pressure Cookers »

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